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By Richard Watterson for PlayOnlineCasinos

How to Gamble with an Online Casino

Online casinos are perhaps the best kept secret for quickly making money on the internet, and they’re also really fun! Everyday, thousands of gamblers are making large amounts of money with only a few wise bets and a few clicks.

One lucky guy from London recently cleaned the casino of a whopping £3.8 Million by playing a progressive slot machine. Big wins happen all of the time, and you need to play to be a part of them.

Here is a basic guide to play at online casinos:

How to Gamble with an Online Casino

Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by online casinos, but there is no need to be! Online gambling is fun and *sometimes* very profitable!

Online casino technology has improved monumentally over the past few years, so gambling is more straightforward and hassle-free than ever before. Not only is playing safe and secure, but there are also more complex strategies available to boost your chances of beating the casino, so give it a try!

Step #1

Select Your Casino

The first step to successfully gamble online is to choose a trusted casino and claim a free signup bonus. By gambling with free money, the risk/reward ration is highly asymmetric.

What this means is, your max loss is limited to the value of the free signup bonus, but you max profit is unlimited.

Worst case scenario, you lose the free money that the casino gives you to play and you have a bunch of fun doing so.

Best case scenario, you win a ton of money playing blackjack, roulette, or score a massive jackpot with slots.

There are a few great signup bonuses that you CAN CLAIM RIGHT NOW FOR FREE.

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Step #2

Select Your Strategy & Game of Choice

Once you select a casino and claim your free signup bonus, you need to select which games you would like to paly.

Some of the most popular games are slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat.

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For roulette, you can try the Martingale strategy.

The Martingale system is very simple. It’s the concept that for each bet that loses, you double it until it wins.

For example, if I bet $1 on black while playing roulette and red comes up, so I subsequently lose my initial $1, I will then bet $2 on black. If red comes up again, I will double my bet again to $4 and keep doubling it until black comes up.

Although it’s no guarantee to instant riches, the Martingale strategy is something to know about, because it certainly increases your chances of winning.

And the Martingale strategy is not the only strategy that exists for players of online casinos.

Step #3

Have Fun & Take Profits

Above all else, there’s one thing you definitely need to do when gambling online – HAVE FUN!

When you approach online gambling with this mindset, you are far less likely to make costly mistakes from nervousness or insecurity, because you’re trying to have fun!

While you are having fun gambling online, and you notice that you’re winning money, it’s always wise to take a deep breath, claim your profits and take a break; this ensures you don’t rapidly lose your earnings and can have more fun gambling in the future.

Have Fun & Take Profits

With all of this said, the single biggest advantage players receive (and their best chance of beating the casino) comes from maximizing signup bonuses.


As previously mentioned, if you initially only gamble with the casino’s free signup money, you can’t lose your own money! It’s risk-free! This is one of the most important things that all online gamblers need to know about.

However, you also need to be sure that you select only the top casinos to gamble with, because there are many shady operations that do not operate legally.

These are some of the best online casinos so you can play today:

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